Freitag, 4. Dezember 2009

Antopya VSTi

6th Place at KVR Developer Challenge 2009 
Antopya is mainly made for Ambient sounds and FX.

The main Engine is a FM and Additive Synthesis. Edit the Harmonics Intuitive by moving the Planets on the Crosspad. The Result is wide smooth Pads, Strings, Spacy FX, Bass sounds and more…


One OSC + 3 Sub operators, 5 Filter Types (LP/HP/BP/BR/FMT), Phase ADS Envelope, Envelope ADSR, One Step LFO, Chorus FX, Stereo Delay and Crossharmonic Pad for intuitive creating of Harmonics.


Any VST compatible Host on a Windows System. CPU: P3 1,4 GHZ or higher.

Download VSTi and Audio Demos:

>>HERE - Directly from KVR<<



  1. Hey, I just wanted to say thanks! I downloaded this a couple of months ago and it is fantastic! I can't believe it hasn't turned up in hundreds of electronic songs, but also glad that it hasn't been overused yet. Great design/gui too! I'm just wondering if there is any extra soundbanks available?

  2. It is fantastic for me. I just like to add any space special effects to my music. I am using Midi controller , but I don't know how to configure with any program to record the music from my controller to computer. I am not a professionalist. My music you can listen on SoundCloud ( Mysterious Soul ) and YT Channel (CAMELEON1721). Where can I download " Antopya " vst ?

  3. Sorry , I have forgotten to write what Midi controller I am using . Arturia MiniLab

  4. very nice sounding little VSTi. thank you